I love Cats, Cars and Coffee.. Probably in the order too. I dabble in the stock market and various private investments. I am always looking to find more people who are down to talk about anything finance, taxes(I know, crazy right?!) & Real Estate. I am big gamer when I’m not working. PS4 & PC are my preferred platforms however I am an equal opportunity gamer. =)

I am a WoW nerd (For The Horde) and have been really into Disc Golf as of late. In my free time I’m generally doing one of those things! I am a laid back dude and I think my testimonials will attest to that. I help sell Real Estate because I like the feeling I get when a deal closes and I get to tell my new friends that they got some keys!! Most deals in the Bay Area are complicated and stressful but the joy of winning those little negotiations and the overwhelming awesomeness of giving someone the keys to the thing they have wanted for SO LONG is just un-explainable to me and makes all of the ups and downs worth it.

I teamed with Keller Williams because they have some of the best training in the industry and they have won awards for their approach to Real Estate. Teaming with Keller Williams gives me the tools to provide my clients with top notch service and technology while surrounding myself with some of the best and brightest in the industry.

My Team philosophy is simple: Our clients come first! We pledge to be in constant communication and to keep you fully informed throughout the entire process. We WILL NOT push you to look at higher priced listings. If you are not left with an amazing experience then we have not done our job. Our success is measured not through our closed inventory but through our clients satisfaction! =)

Hit us up, we have a lot of fun over here and I think you will too! We buy lots of lunches and coffee while we are out looking at stuff, that cool right?!